When you read a chapter like this one, you may feel like you are going to face a lot of challenges having a child with a DSD. But remember that all parents face a lot of challenges, and it is common for parents of all kinds to need to find out more and reach out to others for help in supporting their children.

All of the extra talking with your child that we have suggested here may seem like a special burden for you. But there is a real positive side to all this extra talking: Through it, you are going to build up a trusting, open, loving relationship with your child. You are going to find yourselves talking about the big issues in your life, in a way that some families never do. Even though we know it can be hard, we encourage you strongly to take it on. The adults with DSDs we know whose parents talked with them—honestly, openly, lovingly, frequently—have a really strong bond with their parents. And they feel confident and well in their lives.