Handbook for Parents

Consortium on the Management of Disorders of Sex Development

March 25, 2006


1. Welcome to Parents
You Are Not Alone!
What Are DSDs?
What Causes DSDs?
Acceptance Takes Time
Speaking About Shame, to Try to Get Beyond It
Helping Yourself to Help Your Child
Secrecy=Shame, Honesty=Acceptance
Take-Home Messages of This Chapter
2. Your Child’s Development, and How to Talk with Your Child
About the Language Used Here
Key Background Points
Ages 12-36 Months
Ages 3-5 Years (Pre-Schoolers)
Ages 6-11 Years
Adolescence (11-18)
Your Life Together
Take-Home Messages of This Chapter
3. How to Talk with Others
What to Tell Your Friends and Family in General
If Your Newborn’s Gender Assignment is Delayed
What to Tell People Who May Think DSDs are Sinful
Tips on Interacting with Teachers and Daycare Providers
Talking with Your Child’s Medical Care Providers
Take-Home Messages of This Chapter
4. Answers to Common Questions
5. Helpful Handouts
About Disorders of Sex Development (DSDs)
How Genital Development Happens
Things to Do and Things to Avoid
Preparing for a Medical Appointment
Record-Keeping and Journaling
6. Thoughts from Fellow Parents and from Adults with DSDs
Introduction to This Material
Letters from Fellow Parents
Memories and Thoughts from Adults with DSDs
7. Other Resources (Where to Learn More)
Support Groups and Diagnosis-Specific Information
Finding a Child Psychologist
Books Devoted to DSD Issues
Videos and Television Broadcasts
Journal and Magazine Articles
General Parenting
Sex Education for Your Child
A. Key to Photographs
Glossary (Explanation of Terms)